S9 III Receiver


Stonex S9 third generation is the most advanced model of RTK GNSS receiver available from Stonex. It has been designed to meet the different requests of every surveyors and applications.S9 GNSS board is able to collect a very high number of channels available for double frequency GPS and Glonass, already predisposed also for Galileo and Compass, allowing you to track more than 70 satellite at same time, so increasing accuracy and precision of your survey. It is one of the fastest and low noise board available on market.

The main feature of the third generation S9 is the integration of a transmitting and receiving UHF radio together with a GSM/GPRS modem in the same instrument, this allows to be a flexible system for every surveying conditions. It has moreover an advanced class 2 Bluetooth device and internal battery, so the surveyor only needs the handheld to start its job. A big storage capacity of 4 Gb allows long data collecting, a USB cable allows easy download of data on a Pc.

S9 III features at a glance

  • Channels: 220
  • Satellite tracked: GPS: Simultaneous L1 C/A, L2E, L2C, L5. GLONASS: Simultaneous L1 C/A, L1 P, L2 C/A (GLONASS M Only), L2 P. SBAS: Simultaneous L1 C/A, L5. GALILEO and COMPASS predisposed
  • Position rate: up to 20 Hz
  • Internal memory: 4 Gb
  • Accuracy: Fixed RTK horizontal accuracy 1cm ± 1ppm (RMS) and vertical accuracy 2cm ± 1ppm (RMS).
  • Static horizontal accuracy 3mm ± 1ppm (RMS) and vertical accuracy 5mm ± 1ppm (RMS)
  • Communication facilities : USB port allows easy upload/download of data on a PC. An addition serial port is also available for special settings
  • Bluetooth device 2.4 GHz class II: maximum range is 50m
  • Internal transmitting and receiving radio: available three range of frequencies (410-430 MHz, 430-450 MHz and 450-470 MHz), emitting power 2 Watt, 8 channels, Trimtalk protocol compatible
  • GPRS/GSM module: Siemens MC75, Quad-Band GSM, GPRS, EDGE (E-GPRS), maximum range 70 km
  • Operational time: up to 4 hours of RTK operation for each battery, two batteries available. Optional cable for a connection with an external battery
  • Completely cable-free and lightweight design: 1.2 Kg with battery and radio antenna.
  • Waterproof, Shock resistance, Dustproof, Vibration resistance