GLOBSALDO Taxi Advantages

  • Increased Operating Efficiency
  • Growth Capacity
  • Improved Working Conditions
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction


GLOBSALDO Taxi Dispatcher functions

  • Address Model
  • Customer Information
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Booking
  • Re-occurring bookings
  • Waiting orders


What is GLOBSALDO Taxi ?

GLOBSALDO Taxi provides an integrated GPS/GSM-based system, with user friendly application(s), power databases and Mobile Data Terminal (mobile computer with GPS/GSM modules) for state-of-the-art fleet management system. Our solution will optimize your taxi dispatching operations, increase profits, and improve productivity and customer service.



  • Automatic selection of Taxi vehicle: TGLOBSALDO Taxi performs automatic selection of taxi vehicle depending on a set of customizable criteria, resulting in efficient operation, more trips per cab, and increased customer satisfaction. GLOBSALDO Taxi first sends all the necessary information about the pick-up location (as a GPS location), number of passengers, and any other important information for the current order.
  • Servicing multiple Taxi companies: GLOBSALDO Taxi offers call centre and dispatch to multiple fleets belonging to different companies located in different geographic areas. Furthermore, the system has built-in load balancing strategy that spreads the incoming orders among dispatchers, hence maximizing the capacity for order handling.
  • Organizing taxi stations queues:The system supports the concept of taxi stations and queues. Each vehicle that parks near a predefined station location is immediately registered as present. The system assigns it to a waiting queue for that particular station. This information is subsequently used for selecting a vehicle from that particular station.
  • Utilization of zones:The system supports the definition of zones that cover the geographical area of operation. Each order has information about the pick-up and destination zones. Furthermore,for each zone there is a preference list of “neighboring” zones. This information is then utilized in the process of selecting a vehicle depending on the zone from which the order originates.