GLOBSALDO Taxi Dispatcher functions

GLOBSALDO Taxi Advantages

  • Increased Operating Efficiency
  • Growth Capacity
  • Improved Working Conditions
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction


What is GLOBSALDO Taxi ?

GLOBSALDO Taxi provides an integrated GPS/GSM-based system, with user friendly application(s), power databases and Mobile Data Terminal (mobile computer with GPS/GSM modules) for state-of-the-art fleet management system. Our solution will optimize your taxi dispatching operations, increase profits, and improve productivity and customer service.



  • Automatic selection of Taxi vehicle
  • Servicing multiple Taxi companies
  • Organizing taxi stations queues
  • Utilization of zones
  • Booking
  • Re-occurring bookings
  • Waiting orders



  • Address Model: The GLOBSALDO Taxi Dispatcher uses the address model for the geographical region of interest. This model is open for customizable upgrades depending on the user preferences. Besides typical queries, the address model supports queries containing company names, specific named location areas etc.
  • Customer Information: All relevant information about the existing customers stored in the database are promptly displayed on the screen. These information can significantly decrease the time needed for dispatching a cab since the process skips the process of address selection. Furthermore, there is a capability of storing any additional information regarding the customer’s preferences. All these information can be seamlessly transfered to the selected vehicle.
  • Intuitive User Interface: The Dispatcher application is built in such a way that minimizes the time needed for any operation performed by the employee. This include: auto-completion of the searched address, automatic customer identification, promptly announcements of pending orders etc.