GLOBSALDO Taxi advantages

What is GLOBSALDO Taxi ?

GLOBSALDO Taxi provides an integrated GPS/GSM-based system, with user friendly application(s), power databases and Mobile Data Terminal (mobile computer with GPS/GSM modules) for state-of-the-art fleet management system. Our solution will optimize your taxi dispatching operations, increase profits, and improve productivity and customer service.


GLOBSALDO Taxi Dispatcher functions

  • Address Model
  • Customer Information
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Booking
  • Re-occurring bookings
  • Waiting orders



  • Automatic selection of Taxi vehicle
  • Servicing multiple Taxi companies
  • Organizing taxi stations queues
  • Utilization of zones


Which are the advantages of GLOBSADO Taxi service?

Increased Operating Efficiency

GLOBSALDO Taxi improves dispatcher and driver efficiency, resulting in more revenue per trip. GLOBSALDO Taxi performs automatic selection of the optimal vehicle based on a customizable set of rules, hence decreasing the customer waiting time and enabling the drivers to serve more customers. In the same time, the system gives real-time information about the pending and active orders as well as complete overview of the fleet status.

Growth Capacity

GLOBSALDO Taxi will enable faster growth of Your taxi company by increasing the number of orders that Your company handles. This will result into significant increase in the revenue per vehicle.

Improved Working Conditions

GLOBSALDO Taxi provides transparent communication between the drivers and office personnel. The system overcomes the difficulties present when the taxi management is performed by traditional two-way voice radios.
GLOBSALDO Taxi significantly improves driver safety. The time and cost associated with training new personnel is dramatically reduced.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

GLOBSALDO Taxi will transform Your company into high-tech image consistent with today’s marketplace.
The automatic vehicle selection will enable fast and accurate response, by allowing the dispatchers and drivers to gain immediate access to the necessary operational information.
The systems keeps track of frequent (loyal) customers. Using this information the dispatchers can process an order even faster by recalling the stored location data.
Additionally, the management team can use these data to profile and tune the location of the taxi stations resulting into even further decrease of the pick-up times.
Finally, the system provides a booking utility that enables the customers to order taxi for specific location at specific time. When such an order is due, it is automatically dispatched to the most appropriate vehicle at that moment.